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These original educational games are specifically designed for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third grade curricula. Toy Theater is trusted by teachers around the world to teach core learning concepts in a fun and unique way. Come in to learn, create, and play.

Featured Games

Spin your drawings to make new designs.
Build with color blocks.
Multiplication • Addition
How many baskets can you make? Add up your baskets using repeated addition or multiplication.
Addition • Subtraction
How many gems can you find? Dig deep into the mine to find gold, emeralds, rubies and diamonds.
How far can the inch worm go by riding balloons?
Help the spaceship through the maze back to earth.
Can you find the hidden items? Shark, Bathtub, Globe, Tongue, Dolphin, Pot, Clock, Guitar, Airplane, Rose
Write a story, a card or play with letters.